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Janeiro 2024

Context and planMauritania has immense land reserves. Its national land bank is estimated at 502,000 ha, more than enough to promote agribusiness and achieve food self-sufficiency.

Janeiro 2023

Context and backgroundDespite a social recomposition marked by the abolition of slavery and the emancipation of the layers of servile origin, access to land ownership rights for descendants of servile origin is far from guaranteed in Mauritania.

Janeiro 2023

Despite being an increasingly important source of genes for crop breeding aimed at improv-
ing food security and climate change adaptation, crop wild relatives (CWRs) are globally threatened.
A root cause of CWR conservation challenges is a lack of institutions and payment mechanisms by

Janeiro 2023

For over a decade, rural Lao households have been undergoing a transformation from subsistence-oriented production systems to agricultural commercialization, facilitated by a series of Lao government policies opening the economy to international markets coupled with improved connectivity.

Janeiro 2023

Land ownership has long been argued to enhance farm productivity by improving tenure security. But does this hold for both female and male owners? Few studies have empirically examined the relationship between gender, landownership, and productivity globally, and even fewer have done so for Asia.

Janeiro 2023
Reino Unido
Estados Unidos

Context and background:Increasing refugee crisis has focused most host states to integrate refugees with the local communities through land access to customary land whose land rights are not clearly defined and documented.

Janeiro 2023
Estados Unidos

Research since the 1990s highlights the importance of tenure rights for sustainable natural resource management, and for alleviating poverty and enhancing nutrition and food security for the 3.14 billion rural inhabitants of less-developed countries who rely on forests and agriculture for their livelihoods.

Janeiro 2023
Burkina Faso

Context and background The mastery and control of rural areas remain a challenge for both landowners and the Burkinabe State. The major agricultural production basins, particularly areas with high exploitation of lowlands, experience permanent changes in production actors and land management strategies.

Janeiro 2023

The Athi Kapiti conservancies and ranches wildlife game count was conducted on 4th June 2023. The count aimed at establishing the current wildlife population and spatial distribution in the Athi Kapiti landscape following concerns raised by landowners of declined wildlife populations in the area after a severe drought and increased human activities.

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