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Colla Indigenous leader criminalized for resisting Canadian mining projects in Chile

Colla Indigenous leader criminalized for resisting Canadian mining projects in Chile

16 December 2019

Ercilia Araya is the President of  Pai-Ote, a Colla Indigenous community of 60 people in the Atacama Region of Northern Chile.  Since 2014, Ercilia has been criminalized and harassed for defending her community’s land rights against mining projects, and denouncing the pollution of sacred water…

How demand for avocado is causing Chile’s water to run out

19 November 2019

Increasing demand for avocados is generating unprecedented consequences in certain parts of the world, such as intense water scarcity in Chile's Petorca region.   Avocados are one of today’s trending superfoods. The fruit has a variety of beneficial properties including richness in antioxidant…

Mapuche Indigenous people in Chile take down symbols of Spanish colonization

7 November 2019

Chileans have been taking to the streets around the country to protest economic inequality and a democratic system set up after the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet that many say is not responding to people's needs. Indigenous Mapuche protesting in Temuco, a city 420 miles south of the capital of…



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Indigenous Rights in Evo's Bolivia Versus Bachelet's Chile

26 December 2017

The legal rights afforded to Indigenous communities in Bolivia and Chile differ greatly. Val Reynoso investigates.  Bolivia and Chile differ significantly in the ways their governments address issues pertaining to Indigenous peoples. These differences are caused by the neoliberal economic system…