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The term commons is most frequently used to refer to those natural resources that are held in common by a community.

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Peer-reviewed publication
April 2020

The topic of large-scale land acquisition (LSLA) has attracted wide interest in the literature and the media. However, there is little work on the gendered institutional changes and gendered impacts on common pool resources (CPR) due to LSLA. The aim of this paper is to address these impacts.

Policy Papers & Briefs
December 2019

Kenya Land Alliance (KLA) in partnership with Indigenous Livelihoods Enhancement Partners (ILEPA) and through the support of the Global Green Grants is implementing a project on Climate change, Livelihoods, and energy targeted at Women and Youth in Narok County.

The role of indigenous communities in reducing climate change through sustainable land use practices
Reports & Research
September 2019
Latin America and the Caribbean
United States of America

The climate crisis demands urgent action, yet we live in a politically polarized and paralyzed world. As governments and other actors struggle over climate change, our environment is irreversibly changing.

Peer-reviewed publication
July 2019

Recent debates in social anthropology on land acquisitions highlight the need to go further back in history in order to analyse their impacts on local livelihoods.

Challenges and Opportunities of Community Land Dispensation in Kenya
Reports & Research
May 2019

The Community Land Act of 2016 provides a legal basis for protection, recognition and registration of community lands andhas provisions for management and administration of the land by the communities themselves. However, implementation of the act has been slower than anticipated. This is despite the current  heightened investment interests in community lands for mega development projects.

Reports & Research
April 2019

É importante destacar incialmente que não é possível compreender o processo de resistência em Casa Nova sem compreender a rede de resistência que se formou na Zona da Mata Mineira contra um conjunto de empreendimentos que ameaçava as comunidades ribeirinhas na época.

Peer-reviewed publication
December 2018
South-Eastern Asia

Cambodia has become a principal target of transnational (and domestic) land grabs over the past decade, mostly in the form of economic land concessions (ELCs). The northeastern part of the country—where the majority of Cambodia’s indigenous people reside—is a particular hotspot.

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