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Reports & Research
February 2018

Areia Grande é o atual nome de um antigo território de “fundo de pasto”, no município de Casa Nova – Bahia. O nome foi dado por 366 famílias de quatro comunidades das caatingas ao norte do Lago de Sobradinho: Riacho Grande, Salina da Brinca, Jurema e Melancia. As famílias vivem tradicionalmente da agricultura de subsistência, criação de caprinos, ovinos e bovinos [...]

Policy Papers & Briefs
December 2017
Western Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa

The focus in this paper is on two relatively large maize-based contract farming (CF) schemes with fixed input packages (Masara and Akate) and a number of smaller and more flexible CF schemes in a remote region in Ghana (Upper West). Results show that these schemes led to improved technology adoption and yield increases.

Policy Papers & Briefs
December 2017

Stunting affects 160 million pre-school children around the world, and imposes significant costs on a child’s health, cognitive development, schooling and economic performance. Stunting in early childhood has been linked to poor dietary diversity, notably low intake of animal-sourced foods (ASFs) rich in high quality protein and other growth-stimulating nutrients.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2017
Latin America and the Caribbean

El presente trabajo estudia las principales transformaciones introducidas en la economía cubana en el periodo de 1975 a 2013, con un énfasis particular en la Tercera Reforma Agraria puesta en vigor a partir de 1993, la cual significó el tránsito hacia un nuevo modelo agrario cuyo objetivo principal sería resolver el problema de la soberanía alimenticia.

iied briefing
Policy Papers & Briefs
December 2017

In Cameroon, commercial and infrastructural developments are exerting increasing pressure on land and natural resources, which is in turn exacerbating the risks to the rights of indigenous peoples.

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