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The Republic of Paraguay is a country of water and land. Water defines both its name - the "river of the payaguas" - and its geography - 70% of its borders with Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia are rivers. Land, as a mainly agricultural country, is its main capital. With a total area of 406,752 km², the country is divided into two physiographic regions: the Western or Chaco, which represents 60% of the area and where only 2% of the population lives. And the Eastern region, where most of the economic activity, agriculture, livestock and forestry extraction takes place. The first is a plain and the second is composed of sierras and mountain ranges.
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Ministerio de Defensa paraguayo recibe tierras confiscadas al narcotráfico

10 June 2021

Asuncion, Jun 10 (EFE) .- The Government of Paraguay announced Thursday that it granted the Ministry of Defense the possession of some 24,000 hectares seized from networks dedicated to cocaine trafficking, due to its strategic location, about five kilometers from the border with Bolivia.

La agricultura campesina perdió 166.347 ha. en los últimos años

13 August 2020

Mientras las tierras malhabidas siguen impunes, las pequeñas familias productoras pierden sus territorios, según estudios. Caaguazú perdió 16.214 hectáreas y Canindeyú 30.000 hectáreas.

No Land in Paraguay

23 March 2020

The preservation of indigenous peoples’ territories in Paraguay has a vital role in maintaining spiritual, cultural, and communal well­being. Despite this important reality, many indigenous communities’ bonds with their land have been shattered. Paraguay’s nineteen indigenous groups abound in…

From the 2008 Census data, the Oxfam report concludes that 90% of the land is in the hands of 5% of the large landowners, and the remaining 10% is divided between small and medium-sized properties, which represent more than 95%.

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Empowering civil society and communities through open land data

Webinar Recap: Empowering civil society and communities through open land data

14 June 2022

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